Fear, Change and it’s Role in Racism in the US

It’s fear of change from the shrinking White demographic, that causes so much discrimination against folks who are not White. I can’t relate to a mindset that limits opportunities for people, just because you want to get ahead. This was less of a problem when White’s had a bigger majority, but now that it’s rapidly shrinking, people who can’t adapt to social changes that will eventually make us all equal, are freaking out. Um, this is America! The melting pot of the world What did you think was going to happen?

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Trump is No Mystery!

Trump moves to Manhattan and tries to break in to real estate there. He found a Mentor in Roy Cohn, a protege of Joe McCarthy.

Cohn, who is known for his lack of a moral compass, trained trump to be tough and taught him to “hit back harder than they ever hit you”. Which is why he always slings shit at anyone who does not do what he wants. Never admit failure, claim it as a victory.

This is the very simple pattern that trump will use every time.

  1. Do whatever he wants
  2. If anyone objects, accuse them of something worse and don’t let up
  3. If you do fail, claim it as a victory

Trump does not change.

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