Eddie is currently alive and well in Boston where he has a leadership position with a startup. This blog is focused on research around human motivation, specifically in the workplace, adventures in travel, current events and self improvement.

Motivation 3.0 is a phrase coined by Dan Pink, in his book, Drive. It's a synopsis of research done in the last 30 years on intrinsic motivation, engagement and innovation. The idea is, if people have autonomy, mastery and purpose, they will be excited about what they do and the results pay dividends. And it's how this blog got started. 

Eddie has traveled across 38 countries and in his most recent adventure he traveled by plane, train, jeep, motorcycle and by foot from the Philippines to Thailand. He rode a motorcycle over 4000 KM through Vietnam. At the largest counter culture event in the US he helped to build a complex, diverse, multifaceted team of 600 volunteers that focuses on non-confrontational mediation of participants. He currently lives where ever he hangs his hat. He has a BFA from the School of Design at UMASS Dartmouth and loves to make things.

With exponential growth in population and use of natural resources, global warming, the great recession, failing education programs and a health care system that delivers mediocre care with unsustainable costs, we need to innovate now more than ever. We know what works, by way of empirical research and by demonstrated business successes.

We need to empower people and transform workplaces and keep pace with technology so that we can accelerate innovation. We have 50 years of empirical evidence backed up by successful businesses like WL Gore and Best Buy in the US and SEMCO in Brazil that tell us the best way to run our businesses. They teach us that environments that foster intrinsic motivation are the best way to set people’s minds free so they can innovate.