Who, What, Where, Why and How?

Thanks for stopping by!  I’m Eddie Colbeth and this blog is for you.  Please feel free to chime in with your ideas, likes, dislikes and requests or whatnot.  I’ll do what I can. 

For the last few years I’ve been asking myself what’s next?  How can I be more helpful? How can I find more meaningful work?  How can I affect positive change in the world? 

After 20 years in high tech/management it’s time for something more.  What to do?  There are two words that are central to my life: Be Helpful.  Running IT departments has meant that I’ve always been making things better in some way and an agent of positive change.  For a few years now, I’ve wanted to be more directly helpful, but how?  I found my answer while traveling in Asia this past fall.  I watched Dan Pink’s TED presentation on “The Surprising Science of Motivation”, and it blew me away.  When I arrived back in San Francisco in December, Dan’s book ‘Drive’ was published and after reading it, I decided I’d learn everything I could about Motivation 3.0 and that I’d help others to do the same.  

This is the way I can be most helpful, by helping folks to be more fulfilled with their work, to be more efficient, invested, creative, engaged and to help them be part of something larger than themselves. I want to help government, institutions and companies focus on what their employees do, not when, where or how they do it; to focus on results, not hours, to treat people like partners, not automatons. 

The best part is there’s 50 years of research to say that Motivation 3.0 works along with 20 years of practical experience with successful companies to prove it.  

If you would like more from your work life, come along for the ride.  Your comments are greatly appreciated, I’ll answer every one.  I would also like to start online discussion groups to augment self learning, as there are no programs or courses that I know about on these subjects.