Power to the People!

How do we create a tipping point for interest in Motivation 3.0? What if we could create an open source project of people willing to teach and help each other about how we can have meaningful, fulfilling, fun and nurturing work lives that resulted in companies that were more profitable and sustainable?  What would that look like? How would it work? Has this problem been solved in another field? 

Spreading new ideas takes time. We don’t like change - we don’t like changing the status quo. Most people don’t believe that their workplace can change in a meaningful way and are resigned to dredging along day by day. Motivation 3.0 is a complicated subject that encompasses multiple fields of study. I’ve been studying it for 9 months and I still have a hard time explaining it in a few sentences. 

We live in a very interesting time. We can communicate with people all over the world, via text, audio and video quickly and richly - more so now than in any other time in history. Given what’s happened and is happening with the global economy, we’re desperate to find solutions, which make us open to suggestions we might not ordinarily consider. We know that the power of crowds and communities, online and in real life, is beyond imagining.  Look at Wikipedia and Mozilla

Companies like: Semco, Best Buy, Google, W.L. Gore, Zappos, Meddius, Atlassian and TOMS have started to fill the gap between what business does and what science knows. We’re seeing the emergence of corporate structures that are purpose based. Profit is a benefit of the work they do, not the reason they exist.  One of these structures is the B Corp. There are 315 certified B Corps, they include companies like: Seventh Generation, In Ticketing and King Arthur Flour

I’m very interested in collaborating with people to build a learning, sharing, helping community/crowd/tribe.  Please contact me or post a response if this gets you excited. I don’t know if an open source solution would work for helping people learn about and implement intrinsic motivation at work, at school and at home, but I’m willing to try. “None of us is as smart as all of us.” —Ken Blanchard