Delighted by Zazzle

I’m not impressed with the care and feeding of customers very often. Usually the opposite is true. On Sunday I ordered a custom screen printed T-shirt, from Zazzle, as a present for my girlfriend. The website said it would take 3-5 days to make and I ordered 2 day shipping. I received a shipping notice on Tuesday night and they upgraded the shipping to overnight. I had the shirt Wednesday morning! A very nice job of under promise and over deliver.

I looked through their selection of shirts for a graphic I could modify, my one complaint is you can’t search with categories like shirts for men, women or children. I couldn’t find one I liked so I opened up Corel Draw and found the zebra I was looking for in my clip art. I added text and wanted to import the image but the graphic had a white background, which would show up on the shirt. I know Corel Paint will turn the background transparent, I’ve done it before but it would have taken me a half out to figure it out.

On a whim, I uploaded the image to Zazzle, picked the shirt I wanted, which was black, and added the image. They have a toggle you can select to make the background transparent and they had cooler fonts than I had on my PC. A few more clicks and I’d saved time and bought the shirt. Thanks to Zazzle for helping me score some birthday thoughtfulness points. Oh, and once you create a shirt, others can buy it. Here’s a link to the one I made: (there is a long and hopelessly cute story as to how the shirt came about).

Some final thoughts. All of there current coupons/discounts are on the site so you don’t have to go looking elsewhere for them: They offer a 30 day money back guaranty, even on custom items.