The Coming Customer Service Renaissance

In the next 5-10 years we’re going to see customer service increase across most industries. We are going to see good customer satisfaction being valued and pursued as a differentiator in business. This is going to lead to a customer service renaissance. With company after company trying to stand out and win loyal customers. When a company goes from zero to a billion dollars a year, in ten years, people pay attention. 

That’s what Zappos did and they did it while maintaining their core values during the great recession. There are many other companies following this trend, companies like Atlassian, Salesforce and Joi de Vivre Hotels. What do all of these companies have in common? What is their secret? They are all best places to work. They genuinely care about their employee’s. In fact, the more engaged a companies workers are, the higher the customer satisfaction. According to a study by Quantum Workplace high levels of employee engagement accurately predict an increase in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

This trend is great for everyone. Customer service is seen more as a marketing cost, than an operating expense. Companies are realizing that in order to keep customers sustainably happy, they have to care about their employees and that customer service has to be everyone’s job, not just a few people who answer the phones.  Happy, loyal customers result in more profit. It’s a virtuous cycle.