I Heart Zappos!

I just spent 4 hours watching a Zappos All Hands meeting. They started streaming these meetings last quarter and there were over 1500 total views with a steady participation of 165 people. What does it say about a company that 1500 non employees would tune in to watch a business meeting?

I’ve worked in the Fortune 100, the military, state and federal government as well as educational institutions and, small businesses. This was without question the best all hands meeting I’ve seen. No surprise really, but still impressive as hell. 

They opened with an ad-libbed 1 minute “tour” of Zappos, followed by a couple of great musical performances, then financials.  Then updates on various projects.  This was followed by a great questions and answers session. They brought in two outside speakers that were inspirational and completely unrelated to Zappos. Let’s not forget the wacky and original Zapponian entertainment! And so it went and went and stayed engaging.

The most impressive thing is there was none of the bullshit content that is typical in such meetings. The signal to noise ratio was all signal.  All the content was relevant or engaging. If your business has All Hands meetings, then you need to watch the way Zappos does it. Luckily they started recording the meetings in the second quarter and you can find them at www.ustream.tv/zapposinsights .  It’s all part of Zappos Insights, which helps companies find their culture and deliver outstanding customer service. The Zappos HR slogan: “Wellness is hot, benefits are cool.”