Lift of on February 6th

Six weeks until I get on a plane for the Philippines! I’ve got a one way ticket and a rough plan. I’ll be traveling throughout Southeast Asia (SEA) for 3 to 6 months, then I plan to live in Thailand for a year. There are lots of loose ends I need to tie up before I leave and I’m making progress.

Today I aquired my International Drivers Permit at the local AAA office, thanks AAA!  I sold my 2007 Mini yesterday to a very nice couple and I’m making good progress in general. 

My tentative plan is to fly into the Philippines, see the country, take some advanced diving classes and do some scuba diving. Then fly to Vietnam, buy a motorcycle in Hanoi and ride to Saigon and perhaps on through Cambodia.  I’ve been to Ankor Waat, but I’ll probably go back again and see the rest of Cambodia. Then on the Indonesia, Malasia and Singapore. Unless I find someplace I like better than Bangkok, I’ll probably find a place to live there and find some work. Of course all of these plans are subject to change without notice or reason.  

I’m stepping back from the “rat race” as my dad would call everyday life in the US, to chill, swim, ponder, read and discover. Hopefully, I’ll not only be discovering new cultures and places. I hope to make self discoveries as well. I’ve done quite a bit of traveling so far, but this is the biggest adventure I’ve embarked on. I can’t wait!