Five Weeks and Counting...

My todo list is growing shorter, I’m scouring budget tour guides and making contacts in SEA (Southeast Asia). If you know friendly people in SEA please feel free to make an introduction! I’m counting down the days. I can’t wait to start exploring the Philippines!

I plan to go up north to see the Stariway to Heaven and the Hanging Coffins perhaps get a bit further off the beaten trail, then head south to do some diving. From what I understand the Philippines has some of the best diving in the world. From wrecks, to reefs to sealife. It’s also a cheap place to do some training so I’ll be taking some classes.  

My packing list has close to 100 items on it, yikes! Goal weight 20 lbs. Most of it has been ordered, but I still need a few things. I’m also trying to decide on what electronics to bring. I’m bringing my Galaxy Nexus for sure, but I’m thinking about bringing an Ipad Mini and a wireless hard drive so I can have expanded storage. The Kindle is out. I use Calibre to manage my ebooks and my Kindle Touch does not work very well with Calibre. The Ipad and the Nexus work just fine with it. Sorry Kindle. 

I’m bringing a diving mask, snorkel, a dive watch and a dive housing for my Canon 780IS. Everything else for diving gets rented. 

A good friend cornered me over New Years about riding gear for my motorcycle trip through Vietnam and will be sending me a package with my riding gear, so I don’t have to rely on what I can find in Hanoi.  It’s nice to have thoughtful friends!