Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Starting over is bittersweet. The joy of moving to a new place is like an a hot fudge sunday and the sadness of leaving someplace that’s been one of the best places I’ve ever lived is like eating overcooked steak. If you know me, you know how much I hate steak that is not very rare. I am very excited to be starting a new adventure and in many ways, a new life. I’m also sad to move away from friends who are my family and the best city I have ever lived in.

The last 3 times i went traveling, starting in the late 90’sd and ending in 2009, email and internet cafe’s were up and running but social networking was lacking. I am hoping that I can better stay in touch with folks via social networking, Google Voice and Skype. Historically, I’ve been very good at being where I am, but not so good at being where I’m not. I tend to be very focused on the now and live in the moment.

All of my friends always have an open invitation to come visit me wherever I am and my west coast friends have been good on taking me up on that. Hopefully that will continue and some of you will come visit me in whatever amazing place I end up. I will come back to the states once in a while. In fact I will be back at the end of July to take care of some things, pick up the rest of my stuff and then I’ll go back to Asia and find a place to live.

I am super excited at starting a new phase of my life and this trip will be the longest and most adventurous one yet! I’m reminded of the Doctor Seuss book, “The Places You’ll Go!” I only have a vague idea of how I will spend the next six months and that is just fine with me. I may spend a month in 6 countries or 2 months in 3 countries or…

I’ll miss my crazy, amazing friends and all the weirds stuff we end up doing. I’ll miss the Bay Area and all it has to offer. I won’t miss the stress or the “rat race” as my dad would call life in the US. It’s time to open a new door and not quite close an old one.