I was in Anchor Wat in 2009, so I skipped it on this trip. I spent a few days in the Capitol, Phnom Penh and then headed to the beach. Phnom Penh is pretty meh. The thing that made me crazy is that there was garbage piled up in the streets, as if the garbage collectors were on strike. In some places it was 3 meters high. Talk about a disease vector!


I stayed in Otres 2 beach in Sihounikville for a few nights. It is pretty chill and the water is nice for swimming. After riding a bike for 5 weeks, it was just what I needed to relax. I spent a day on a long tail boat doing some snorkeling, I’d not recommend it. After the Philippines, the snorkeling in Vietnam and Cambodia was disappointing. The best thing about Otres 2 is that it is not over developed yet and there are almost no hawkers!  It was swim, read, sun, eat and repeat!


Then I took a boat to Koh Rong. From what I heard from others and read, this island is one of the last undeveloped islands in Cambodia. I booked a room for 5 nights. It was just OK for me. It’s a very social island, most everyone is concentrated in one place. The only locals are ones who work/live there. its basically a backpacker island with mostly western food. The issue with all the beaches I’ve seen in Cambodia and Vietnam is the trash on the beaches. Koh Rong is no exception. Most of Asia seems to treat the ocean a their own personal dump and much of it turns up on the beaches. This makes me ill, having grown up in beach culture, where no one would throw trash in the ocean. 


I spent a night in downtown Sihanoukville, so I could easily jump on the bus to Phnom Pehn to catch my plane to Bangkok. It’s not a nice place, full of young people partying there ass’s off and super overdeveloped and commercial. Sorry Cambodia, but you did not make my list of places I would like to live.