Hello Austin!!!

After spending a couple of years in Asia, it was time to come back to the US.  

Why Austin? 

  • It's a great city 
  • I have a friend base here
  • The job from looks good
  • Buying a house is affordable

I've already lived on the East and West coast, it's time for something new!  

I'm looking for a leadership | technical role where I can take on a huge complex project,  and get it organized and performing. I love leading teams and I'm a great individual contributor and team member. 

I've been checking out the Austin Startup scene, starting to make connections and meet folks. If I can be helpful to you, please ask.

LinkedIn: ecolbeth

Eatinglightbulbs, Gets a Facelift!

I’ve re skinned my blog to something more up to date and simple. It’s more readable and looks nice too!

After living and working in Asia for close to two years it is time to say goodbye! My job in Thailand ended in February and I’ve been doing some traveling. First to Bangkok, then Myanmar and at the moment I’m in Taipei. 

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This Time It's Personal!

I took a break from blogging about empowering people via human motivation, innovation, building better workplaces and whatnot in May of 2012. Since then, I started a business, ended a long term relationship, ended a business, went traveling in Southeast Asia, took a TEFL course, fell in love, moved to Thailand and got a job: teaching blogging to high school students, and fell out of love.

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Back to Reality Camp

I don’t do things halfway and seldom check to see how deep the water is before diving in. I’ve been going to Burning Man since 2002, when a friend told me about it during a camping trip in Death Valley. I’ve been volunteering for Burning Man year round since 2002. My entire life, with the exception of my work life, has revolved around burning man. I’ve not missed a burn since I started going. Those are my people; it’s the first time in my life that I felt like I fit in. Being involved so deeply has served me well.
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Hacking at the Branches of Evil

Larry Lessig takes on campaign funding and congress. According to Lessig, excessive campaign dollars are the problem behind most of our nation’s woes. Everything from childhood obesity, to global warming, environmental disasters and our recent financial meltdown can be blamed on special interest group’s spending money to influence law makers.
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Retirement is Killing Us.

Like our current educational system, retirement is a creation of the industrial age. Both of these institutions were created to serve industry. Retirement is the ultimate carrot, but this gilded vegetable is rotten inside. Our parents and theirs spend their entire lives working for one or two companies, working 48 to 50 weeks a year for 40 years with a promise of relaxation and recreation in our “golden” years. I will never retire. For me retirement means: “To slowly fade away, to stop making a contribution, to give up my life’s work when I’m at the peak of my profession.” Why would I stop working at a time when I have the most to contribute? Why would I give up the opportunity to travel and relax until my health is fragile?
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