Yangon, Myanmar

The nicest people in South East Asia can be found in Myanmar. I’ve never come across a country with so many friendly people. After a 2 year break from writing and traveling, I find myself on the road again. I’m here in Yangon largely because it’s one of the only countries I’ve not been to in Asia and yes, I’m keeping score.


Yangon is the largest city in Myanmar and I didn’t do much here, mostly I planned the rest of my trip and acclimated to this new (to me), wonderful, strange, country. 

I did manage to find the only Indian Pizza I’ve ever had outside of San Francisco.  And checked out a temple or two. 

There is a lot of outdated information about Myanmar on the internet. Especially where currency and ATM’s are concerned. You should bring some US dollars for emergency money, but there is no need to bring all the money you think you will need for your trip. There were ATM’s in every city I was in, Yangon, Inle Lake, Bagan and Mandalay.  There is a max of about $300 per withdrawal.  Do ensure that you sell all your Kyat before leaving, unless  you plan to use it as Monopoly money.